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The Special Day Box

The Special Day Box


The perfect gift for someone special in your life.


Buon Appetito!!


What do you get-

  • Delize Di Calabria Nduja di Suino Nero – Spicy black pork & chilli spread, 135g

A spicy spread made from salami of the Calabrian black pig. A native breed highly regarded for its lean meat & flavour, enhanced with Calabria’s renowned chilli. Add to pastas, risottos, soups, stews or even as part of a pizza topping

  • Pomodorina, 410g

An exceptional sauce made from the finest concassed tomatoes, herbs & oil. Perfect as base for any sauce or soup

  • Crispino Famiglia – Peperoncini Ripieni, 270g

Whether it is part of an antipasti selection or just a bite, Crispino’s sweet and sour red peppers stuffed with tuna provide perfect start to any meal

  • Crispino Famiglia -Salsa Classica, 680g

A classic sweet tasting tomato sauce made from the finest Calabrian sun-ripened tomatoes

Gluten Free, 100% Vegan

  • Delize Di Calabria bombetta- Spicy chilli pepper condiment, 90g

A fiery sauce condiment with hot Calabrian peppers. Stir through a pasta, spread on bruschetta, or add to a pizza topping. Also try with grilled meats & fish for that added chilli kick

  • Garofalo pasta di Gragnano IGP Spaghetti pasta, 500g

Pasta made with only the superior selected semolina. Traditionally made passed down from pasta makers over generations

  • Diforti Aragostine- Chocolate & hazelnut pastries, 150g

Handmade Italian flaky pastries filled with a chocolate and hazelnut cream. The perfect accompaniment to coffee and the crowning end to any meal


1 X Recipe card from the Stinky Chef