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The Spicy Red Devil Box


Located on the southern toe of Italy, Calabria where the sun shines frequently. Chilli’s grow in abundance characterising the regions spicy dishes.

Rumour has it that chilli yields natural, magical, and medicinal properties its also linked to the heat of hell.

The ingredients in this selection are for those who don’t mind a bit of heat.

What do you get-

  • Crispino Famiglia -Salsa Peperoncino, 680g

Sweet tasting tomato sauce made from the finest sun-ripened tomatoes then flavoured with spicy Calabrian red chilli pepper

  • Crispino Famiglia – Sugo Arrabbiata, 270g

An ‘angry’ spicy tomato pasta sauce with garlic and chilli

  • Crispino Famiglia- Melanzane Filetti, 270g

Traditional recipe of aubergine fillets preserved in extra virgin olive oil

  • Delize Di Calabria nduja di suino nero – Spicy black pork & chilli spread, 135g

A spicy spread made from salami of the Calabrian black pig. A native breed highly regarded for its lean meat & flavour, enhanced with Calabria’s renowned chilli. Add to pastas, risottos, soups, stews or even as part of a pizza topping

  • Martimucci Altamura Pugliese, 2 x 400g

 Fresh pasta made to Apulian traditions producing quality that ensures an excellent cooking hold & strong taste

  • Pomodorina, 410g

An exceptional sauce made from the finest concassed tomatoes, herbs & oil. Perfect as base for any sauce or soup

  • Delize Di Calabria bombetta- Spicy chilli pepper condiment, 90g

A fiery sauce condiment with hot Calabrian peppers. Stir through a pasta, spread on bruschetta, or add to a pizza topping. Also try with grilled meats & fish for that added chilli kick

  • Peperoncini flavoured extra virgin olive oil – Chilli flavoured oil, 250ml

Extra virgin olive oil infused with red hot chilli pepper providing the perfect condiment to spice up any dish

  • Tarallini – Neapolitan savoury biscuits, 300g

An Italian savoury biscuit – perfect as a snack or as crackers complimenting cheese or any antipasti selection

1 X Recipe card from the Stinky Chef